Hell is a hot day in New York. The dog days aren’t over—they’re just getting started.  

Every year in New York, there comes a time when suddenly, seemingly out of thin air, the city leaves its body and becomes an entirely new person. Those breezy, spring afternoons have transformed into mean and muggy stretches of time. One day you’re slipping on melted ice, the next day you’re sloshing around on melted pavement. The birds are no longer gleefully chirping, they’re crying out for AC. The ice cream truck has re-upped on gasoline and the jingle has replaced your morning alarm. All of this can only mean one thing. Summer, my friends, is in full swing.

When the hot weather pulls up, there are a few things I rely on to keep cool. Cracked open fire hydrants. Long train rides to the Rockaways. Icy stoop beers and friends with central air. There are a lot of things one can do to escape the hellish New York heat, but perhaps one of the best and easiest options is the classic—whipping up a fresh cup of cold brew.

My fourth-floor walk-up gets hot. Piping hot. So hot that if I don’t take a cold shower every thirty minutes I find myself drenched in frustration and perspiration. Sure, there’s air conditioning. But when that electricity bill hits, you know it’s time to unplug and resort to less expensive ways of cooling down. That’s when I crack open my window, let the hot trash air seep in, crawl out, and make myself at home on the fire escape, while city dwellers sweat with life below me. But now I am chilled. Thanks to you, my beloved cold brew. Thanks to you. 

The cold brew is the adult version of the summer classic lemonade. Less acidic than iced coffee, colder than hot coffee, sweet like a latte without all the milk, the cold brew is an ideal drink for those who want to wake the hell up and cool the hell down. 

Sometimes, though, drinking coffee in the heat can mess your body up. While it may give your body that buzz you need on a drowsy summer’s day, a cup of cold brew is no match for the effects of spending a day in the sun. That’s why we crafted the ultimate cold brew recipe—part cold coffee, part Chagaccino, the ReNude cold brew is just like a regular cold brew, but with a boost of adaptogens that can help your body ease into the heat like a slip and slide. Enjoy at your own leisure.


1 Chagaccino packet

2 oz of hot water

7 oz Cold Brew coffee

1 splash of plant-based creamer


  1. Boil some hot water and mix in the Chagaccino until it has completely dissolved.
  2. Drop in a handful of ice and pour over with your cold brew concentrate of choice—ours is the Nitro Cold Brew concoction by our friends over at Rise Brewing.
  3. Top it off with your favorite creamer or milk. Shake, pour, and chill out.