Say Hello To Our Little Blend!

Matcha Mania! 

Warning: The Chaga Matcha may boost your overall mood and productivity.

It’s beauty. It’s grace. It’s the perfect blend of delish coffee-alternatives mixed and married into one stunning beverage: The Chaga Matcha, AKA: The Mushroom Matcha. 

Isn’t our Mushroom Matcha something?

Here at Renude, wild-foraged chaga is the bread and butter of our brand. The meat and potatoes. The toast and avocado. We love it so much that we’re always looking for ways to incorporate it into our favorite drinks, from the iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte to the classic Hot Cocoa. This drink has our mouths foaming because it's two of our favorite healthy ingredients in the coffee space: chaga and matcha. And it tastes damn-good.

What’s matcha?

Matcha is not your typical tea. It’s not coffee, either. You won’t find it in a muslin pouch or in the form of a little oval bean—matcha is ground up to a fine powder, cultivated from green tea leaves that are traditionally grown, farmed, and cared for with love in Eastern Asia. 

The combination of chaga and matcha creates this fairy dust for the microbiome. Chaga supports the body’s immune system and relieves stress thanks to its adaptogenic properties, while matcha has over five-times as many antioxidants as other superfoods. Matcha is also dripping in L-theanine, an amino acid in green teas known for its jitter-squashing abilities, allowing you to focus with ease.

Our signature Chaga Matcha drink is crafted with our wild-foraged chaga blend and ceremonial grade matcha, stone-milled by the tea maker Mr. Yamaguchi himself. This means it’s made by hand (rather than by machine, which causes matcha to lose most of its nutrients) by one of the most talented tea-makers in the matcha space. Sourced from Yame, a city on Japan’s Kyushu island with over 800 documented years of making Matcha, this matcha is grade-A stuff.

DIY: Chaga Matcha Recipe

(It’s easy, promise.)


  • 1-2oz of water
  • 5-6oz of your favorite, plant-based milk
  • 1 serving of Renude Chaga Matcha mix

How to do it:

  1. Mix your packet of Renude Chaga Matcha mix with 1-2 ounces (or ¼ cup) of water. Whisk it up well (real well).
  2. Add your milk of choice, about 5-6 ounces of it.
  3. Hot, cold, lukewarm: take it however you please and enjoy



Julie Pry is a creative based in New York City. Outside of mushroom coffee prose, Julie likes riding her bike, listening to music, painting, and grabbing beers with the bros.