Made with all organic ingredients like Peruvian Cacao and Ceylon Cinnamon, you’ll forget that you’re sippin’ on something containing the world’s healthiest mushroom. Creamy, subtly sweet, and no additional sweeteners or additives, the Chagaccino checks all of the boxes to become your favorite mushroom coffee. Think of the flavor of a mocha, with a little spice, and no guilt!


We believe that sourcing premium ingredients makes all the difference not only in taste, but in effectiveness and quality that sets the Chagaccino apart. That’s why our blend of wild-foraged Chaga from British Columbia, combined with only the highest quality organic ingredients has proven to be the health and wellness industry’s most trusted healthy latte. We go the extra mile to lab test our products to ensure the highest bioavailability and cleanest Chaga so you can trust what you’re putting in your cup.


Perfectly portioned into a single serving with an effective dose of Chaga, you’re only 3 simple steps away from creating a delicious and healthy treat in your kitchen. With our potent blend of ingredients, we’ve taken the guess work out of your wellness routine, so all you have to do is mix, sip, and use your superpowers wisely!


We understand that the term“wellness”means something a little different to everyone, so we created the Chagaccino to spread wellness to the masses, with a handful (or two) of health benefits for everyone. Whether you’re a competitive athlete, mom of three, or a techie working 9-5, the Chagaccino was designed to help you feel and perform your best, no matter your superpower!