We made it. Sort of. After a year and a half of fighting over household necessities and human rights, the time has come for us (in America) to start dipping our toes back into the things that once made our lives…our lives. Dating casually. Socializing with strangers. Holding the subway pole. It’s hard not to want to release your inhibitions and let loose like the fun, zesty person you once were. We’re not here to judge. But we are here to keep you from catching something nasty. 

Let us not forget that before COVID-19, getting sick was still a thing. You couldn’t just lick a stranger’s face, sit on a public toilet seat, and share drinks at the bar without the possibility of feeling like shit the next day. Colds, flus, stomach bugs, weird bumps in places they shouldn’t be, you name it. As we socially-hibernated and hid ourselves from the big sick the past fifteen months of our lives, our bodies slowly forgot about all the other stuff it has to fight off on the daily. Other than the dust bunnies underneath our beds, our immuno-guards are down. Now, more than ever, it’s time to watch our backs.

For all you vaccinated folk who are starting to get back out there, there are many ways we can do so while keeping our bodies and immune systems in-check. For starters, say no to sharing drinks and other vices. Say yes to hand sanitizer, and no to going maskless in extremely crowded places. 

Most importantly, throw a *big yes* at finding ways to regulate our immune systems, ways that hit just as good as they taste. This, friends, is where the mighty Chaga mushroom comes in.

For centuries, indigenous people across Siberia, Korea, China, Japan, and eastern Russia have used chaga to normalize the immune system. That’s because Chaga is an immunomodulator. Immunomodu-what the hell? Think about immunomodulators as therapists for your immune system. They basically teach the immune system to keep calm and carry on (barf), training it to react positively in situations of conflict. So every time you drink a cup of Chagaccino, you’re pretty much chugging a session of immuno-therapy. 

Another dope thing about Chaga? It’s dripping in natural antioxidants. It has 40x more antioxidants than blueberries! As you sip your morning Chagaccino with your newspaper in hand, your insides are slowly at work, fighting off genetic mutations and free radicals (unstable molecules that react easily to other molecules and cause bad things to happen). To top it off with a big fat cherry, Chaga is rich in vitamins and minerals that are great for fighting off autoimmune diseases. Vitamin D, B-complex, and zinc are just some of the many nutrients the Chaga mushroom has to offer. 

So put all that in your joint and smoke it. Just try not to share it with any strangers. Stock up on our cold-fighting fungi friend, the Chagaccino here!