Lately, when life hands me lemons, I don’t want to make lemonade. I want to squeeze them into my eyeballs until I can’t see a thing. Even if it burns—anything (anything!!!) to take my eyes off the bad screen.

The pandemic has sprouted many unforeseen gems. Attending meetings without pants on and rekindling family ties are just some of the roses that grew out of the weeds. But most of us are also faced with a lot of stress—perhaps in ways we weren’t accustomed to before. For every Zoom call you get to take in your PJs, there’s the 9pm Slack message knocking at your door. For every social thing you get invited to, there’s the devil on your shoulder yelling at you to live your life while you can.

Getting back on the same horse that’s been kicking you in the face all year is daunting. The line between “pandemic” life and “normal” life is getting floss-thin. After being on standby for over a year, suddenly, it’s go go go, now now now. Put in more hours at the “office”. Say yes to everything you’re invited to. This is the time we’ve all been waiting for! We’ve got our jobs back, we’re allowed to see people outside our tight-knit circles, and the weather is boiling up. Our “normal” lives may be healing, but are we ready to be cured?

The short answer is maybe. For some, getting back out there is like riding a bicycle. For others, it’s like jumping back into a deep end they were barely treading in before. I’m a sprinkle of both. Some days I’m cool as a cucumber, but most of the time, I’m stressed as hell. While the old me has dealt with stress through unhealthy coping mechanisms (see: bed full of Taco Bell and empty xanax script), this time around I’m trying to acknowledge the stress in my life and treat it with care. Starting with what I drink.

The Chagaccino beverage was created with relieving stress in mind. One of the coolest qualities of chaga is its ability to naturally adapt to the body’s stress levels. The shroom has adaptogenic properties, meaning it can combat those negative symptoms that come with feeling stressed: racing heart, sweaty palms, nervous shits. Adaptogens help the body work with these symptoms, not against them. 

No, one cup of Chagaccino isn’t going to cure your stressed-out ass. But it can help. The Chagaccino is a great alternative to that fifth cup of coffee you know will only get your heart racing and leg bouncing. For overworked millennials, naturally nervous nellies, and busy, badass moms everywhere, the Chagaccino is a great alternative that can ease the brain and escort you into the land of kickback and relax. Thank us later.