Just when you thought the scrumptious, rich Chagaccino beverage couldn’t possibly get any better, you have an epiphany: I feel good. Damn good. You do a quick Google search and come to the realization that chaga is wayyy more than a boost of adaptogens in your morning coffee. You realize that the glowing sensation you’re feeling isn’t just on the inside. It’s on the outside, too.

But before I dive into all the benefits chaga may have to offer your skin, let’s set the record straight. Aging is natural. Wrinkles are a part of life. Looking like a teenager in your 50s is not normal and should not be considered the golden standard for “aging goals”. Screw that noise. What we put on our skin is just as important as what we put in our brains after spending one too many minutes in the mirror. I’m looking at you, impossible beauty standards.

There is a fine line between self-care and self-hate. The two interact as distant, deranged cousins, with big-name brands preying on one in order to sell the other. The things in our lives (ride-sharing apps, dicks on speed dial, unlimited hot yoga classes) have given us the sense that we’re fully in control of our lives, and in some ways, we are. 

But for the most part, this shit is out of whack. When taking care of yourself becomes dependent on expensive fitness classes, tedious beauty routines, and dangerous wellness trends, something’s not right. We have officially entered a never ending flower-petal-picking tug-of-war: I love me, I love me not. 

Which is why we’re giving the toxic shit the stiff arm. This is the year nature is healing finally rings true, the year we say peace to body-shaming and ageist products with unpronounceable ingredients and FDA warnings. Your body is a temple, not a discount department store. There is only so much room for improvement in your routine until you pick yourself apart completely and there’s nothing left to love. 

Let’s dig into the natural stuff. Chaga has the highest source of melanin in the world (!!!). This means that it protects your skin and hair from UV damage from within. It’s also rich in vitamin D, which gives your skin’s immune system an upgrade, allowing it to grow and repair itself faster and easier. We all love the sun—without it, we’d be borderline depressed. But too much of it comes at a price.

Me after 10 hours in the sun wearing SPF 3

Then there’s the mysterious pineal gland. Also known as the principal seat of the soul (René Descartes’ words, not ours), the pineal gland is located in the deep depths of our brains. It oozes melatonin which, in Layman’s terms, helps us sleep soundly. When you drink your favorite iced Chaga beverage, your pineal gland is activated, causing your brain to secrete more melatonin. When your brain secretes melatonin, you sleep better. The better your sleep is, the more room your skin has to produce collagen. Collagen naturally treats UV damage and therefore helps prevent premature wrinkling and age spotting. 

Like other natural remedies—turmeric, manuka honey, collagen—chaga has the ability to take your skincare routine to the next level without relying on chemicals and animal-testing products. Put it in your favorite morning beverage, guzzle it down, and let your insides do their thang.

So what the hell do Chagaccinos have to do with all of this?

Look. We’re not here to press you to buy our goods. We won’t tell you that you’ll magically wake up the next day with glowing, radiant, baby-butt skin. But if you’re searching for a natural way to look out for your skin in the long-run, consider this blog a sign.