By now you’ve read our bio, you’ve tried our goods, you get our shtick and know what we’re all about. To some of you we may just be the pretty packet of sweet shit that makes your coffee taste better. To your espresso drinking grandma, we may be nothing more than an enigma. And that’s okay. Whoever you are, whatever Renude means to you, we’re happy that the universe has landed you right here, on our site. Now please take off your shoes and make yourself at home.

It’s been one long, hell of a year. And it would have felt a lot longer if it weren’t for all the tireless, back-to-back days of nurturing Renude into the grown ass adult brand it has become. To our friends reading this—consumers, cafe owners, friends, fam, and buddies to-be—thank you, from the bottom of our mushroom-shaped hearts. For believing in us, for being a part of this, and for having faith in the unknown.

Just 3 years ago Renude was a one-man show in the hills of Los Angeles. Now we’re a mighty start-up with 12 employees dedicated to the cause and 700+ cafes, coffee shops, and markets across the U.S. that believed in us. We’ve come a long way and wouldn’t change a thing, no matter how many speed bumps messed with our stride. So what’s next? 

Same goods, new cities!

With all the success we’ve had working with coffee shop and cafe owners across the country, we’re stoked to announce that more will be carrying our brand, too. Coming soon to a city near you, the Chagaccino will be available to order in new locations across Miami, San Francisco, Portland and Chicago. Check out our store locator to see where we’re serving it up near you.

We’re getting on shelves!

You heard that right. Right now you can only buy and try our product in local coffee shops, cafes, markets, and on the vast landscape known as the internet. But soon you’ll be able to find us in retail locations across the U.S. That means the next time you’re strolling down the coffee aisle or organic shelves at your local grocery store, you might just catch our packaging inching its way into your little basket.

We’re getting experimental!

Right now, the Chagaccino is our bread and butter. It will forever be the OG of Renude drinks. And while the shit slaps and people love it, we see an opening in the market for more adaptogenic beverages. There’s not much else we can say here, but rest assured, we’ve got big things brewing in the recipe department. 

Questions? Wanna say hi? Hit us up at